Gray Wolf’s Den is a strict advocate of Safe, Sane, and Consensual (S.S.C. & R.A.C.K.) adult enjoyment.

GWD recognizes the following Safe-Words:

·        YELLOW: "Too much."; "Slow down."; "Something is wrong, but I don't want to stop the scene.”

·        RED: "Something is VERY wrong."; “I’ve had enough.”; "Stop scene NOW!"

·        PEACE: Two Index Fingers Raised is the non-verbal equivalent of “RED”

·        MAYDAY: “I need OUTSIDE assistance!”, “Call 911”

·        ORANGE: House emergency. Everyone cover up, cease play and await all clear.

·        PINK: “Seriously dude… my grandmother hits harder.”

We expect all who play here to play safely and only with those who have expressed consent.

·        Don’t assume you can touch or join in.

·        Consent is never assumed, it is always verbally expressed.

·        To be clear… “NO” means “NO”.

There is to be no scene play on the main house level (other than demos) nor in the Master bedroom, attic or bathrooms.

GWD has many great toys, equipment and furniture to share and you are invited to enjoy them.

·        Please be considerate of other guests and limit scenes to 30 minutes.

·        Clean all toys, furniture and equipment immediately after use.

·        Be careful not to mix GWD toys with your own or remove GWD items from the house.

·        Use all items as they were designed/intended. Ask your hosts for demonstrations and/or instructions.

·        Sybian use should only take place after receiving the instruction of a GWD host or trained volunteer.

·        Notify hosts immediately should there be an issue with toys, furniture or equipment.

Dungeon Monitors are on hand to assist those in need and deal with any issues that arise in play areas. The DM may:

·        Stop or interrupt play that appears to violate house rules or S.S.C. practices based on their judgement.

·        Assist anyone in crisis.

·        Stop or interrupt play due to improper use of GWD property.

There is one bedroom which may be used for private or open play. Use the following guidelines for bedroom play:

·        If the door is left open, the occupants invite voyeurs and requests to join. However, they are not obliged to accept any requests and their wishes should be respected.

·        Closed door suggest “Do Not Disturb”; please respect their privacy.

·        Use of the bedroom should be limited to 30-45 minutes at most. Unless an “open party” develops, of course.

The following are not permitted at GWD:

·        DRAMA: GWD is a happy place full of happy people doing happy things. Drama will be dealt with quickly and severely.
Remember Master Gray Wolf’s motto… “This is supposed to be fun.”

·        Blood Play; We understand that accidents do happen; a first aid kit is available in play areas. Intentional drawing of blood, however, is NOT permitted. In the event skin is broken during play, you may pause your scene, tend to the wound and continue.

·        Scat/Urine/Vomit/Dirty Diaper Play.

·        Breath Play/Asphyxiation Play is permitted unless the intent is to cause unconsciousness.

·        Firearms whether real or replicated are not permitted on the property.

·        Mind altering substances (including Rx medications) that may impair judgment.

·        Illegal drugs or substances: GWD has a ZERO tolerance policy for smoking Pot or use of illegal substances on the premises.

·        Prostitution, solicitation, and negotiations of compensation for sexual services ARE ILLEGAL and are not permitted at GWD.

·        Horn-dogging: GWD is NOT a pick-up club and should not be treated as such. Anyone found to be harassing other guests in any way will be asked to leave and will not be welcome at future events.

·        Flushing of any items in the toilets or drains other than biological waste and toilet paper. Do not flush condoms.

·        Under age attendees: Guests must be at least 21 years of age. Hosts and GWD volunteers may check ID’s at their discretion.

·        Arrival after 10pm: Doors close at 10 to allow volunteers to enjoy the party. Notify hosts if you require an exception to this rule.

Fire-play is permitted only by experienced practitioners with the approval of the GWD hosts.

Nudity is permitted throughout the house, with the following considerations:

·        Towels should be placed on furniture and carpets before sitting naked. Cover genitals and ass when in the dining and kitchen areas.

·        No nudity outside on the upper decks.

·        No nudity beyond the bridge.

Chux (bed pads) are provided in each play-space. Place them on beds/floors when splooshing is expected; discard properly after use.

Food should be kept on the main floor social areas ONLY. No food or drink (other than clear water) on the upper floor.


·        Use solo cups for beverages; NO GLASS (including beer bottles) please. Write your name on the cup.

Alcohol: Use of alcohol is permitted (B.Y.O.B) and should be done so responsibly. 

·        Intoxicated guests will be asked to leave the event via a safe means of transportation (e.g. Uber, friend, etc).

·        Alcohol may not be consumed or offered to guests under 21 years of age. Proof of age may be required.

·        GWD staff has the right to restrict individuals suspected of being intoxicated from using the equipment.

·        Drink only what you bring.

Smoking is permitted outside only in the designated areas.

·        Please DO NOT smoke on the front porch (or on the decks during outside parties.

Parking is permitted along the street on the even side. Please be courteous to our neighbors and do not park or walk on their lawns.

Please be quiet and respectful in play space while scenes are in progress.

Do not turn off or change music in the dungeon.

Photographs/videos are only permitted with the consent of ALL persons shown in the picture/video.

·        Please do not interrupt another guest’s scene to ask someone to move out of your picture or give consent.